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AR 385-10 The Army Safety Program

米陸軍の安全管理規則です。航空事故の区分(Accident and incident classes)が規定されています。


3-1 序 論

This chapter provides policies and procedures for initial notification, investigating, and reporting of Army accidents and incidents.


3-2 方 針

Army policy is to investigate and report Army accidents to prevent like occurrences. All Army accidents will be investigated, reported (to include immediate notification as specified in this regulation), and analyzed according to the requirements of this regulation, DA Pam 385–40, the USACR/Safety Center use and preparation guides, and other USACR/Safety Center-developed tools for accident investigation and reporting (see https://safety.army.mil).

陸軍の方針は、同種事案の発生を防止するため、軍の事故を調査し、報告することにある。すべての軍の事故は、この規則、DA Pam385-40、USACRC(米陸軍コンバット・レディネス・センター)利用及び準備ガイド、及びその他のUSACRC作成の事故調査及び報告ツールの要件に従って調査し、報告し、分析しなければならない(https://safety.army.milを参照のこと)。

3-3 陸軍事故

An Army accident is defined as an unplanned event, or series of events, which results in one or more of the following:
a. Occupational illness to Army military or DA Civilian personnel.
b. Injury to on-duty DA Civilian personnel.
c. Injury to Army military on duty or off duty.
d. Damage to Army property.
e. Damage to public or private property and/or injury or illness to non-Army personnel caused by Army operations (the Army had a causal or contributing role in the accident).

a 陸軍の軍人又は軍属への公務上の傷病
b 課業中の陸軍軍属の負傷
c 課業中又は課業外の陸軍軍人の負傷
d 陸軍の財産の損害
e 陸軍の運用(陸軍が事故に因果関係がある場合)に起因する公的又は私的財産への損傷、若しくは陸軍以外の人員の負傷又は病気

3-4 事故及び不安全の区分

Accident classes are used to determine the appropriate investigative and reporting procedures. Accident classes are as follows:


a クラスA事故

An Army accident in which—
(1) The resulting total cost of property damage is $2 million or more;
(2) An Army aircraft is destroyed, missing, or abandoned; or
(3) An injury and/or occupational illness results in a fatality or permanent total disability.
Note. Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) accidents are classified based on the cost to repair or replace the UAS. A destroyed, missing, or abandoned UAS will not constitute a Class A accident unless replacement or repair cost is $2 million or more.

(1) 200万ドル以上の財産への損害

b クラスB事故

An Army accident in which—
(1) The resulting total cost of property damage is $500,000 or more but less than $2 million;
(2) An injury and/or occupational illness results in permanent partial disability; or
(3) When three or more personnel are hospitalized as inpatients as the result of a single occurrence.


c クラスC事故

An Army accident in which—
(1) The resulting total cost of property damage is $50,000 or more but less than $500,000;
(2) A nonfatal injury or occupational illness that causes 1 or more days away from work or training beyond the day or shift on which it occurred; or
(3) Disability at any time (that does not meet the definition of Class A or Class B and is a day(s)-away-from-work case).


d クラスD事故

An Army accident in which—
(1) The resulting total cost of property damage is $20,000 or more but less than $50,000;
(2) A nonfatal injury or illness results in restricted work, transfer to another job, medical treatment greater than first aid, needle stick injuries, and cuts from sharps that are contaminated from another person’s blood or other potentially infectious material, medical removal under medical surveillance requirements of an OSHA standard, occupational hearing loss; or
(3) A work-related tuberculosis case.


e クラスE航空事故

An Army aviation accident in which the resulting total cost of property damage is $5,000 or more but less than $20,000.


f クラスF航空事故

Recordable incidents are confined to aircraft turbine engine damage because of unavoidable internal or external foreign object damage, where that is the only damage (does not include installed aircraft auxiliary power units). These incidents will be reported using DA Form 2397–AB (Abbreviated Aviation Accident Report (AAAR) for All Class C, D, E, F, Combat A and B, and All Aircraft Ground); check “F” in the “Accident Classification” block.



発行:Headquarters Department of the Army 2017年02月

翻訳:影本賢治, アビエーション・アセット






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